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Workshops in Collaborator

Workshop is an individual practical task. Tasks for independent work are given with the help of the Workshop, which are individually consulted for each user. LMS Collaborator has all the necessary tools for creating, conducting and reporting workshops.
Workshop tasks are different from other types of tasks and have many advantages such as the following:

  • all work on the workshop is centered on the learning portal and trainees only need to be assigned a task to access all materials and attachments;
  • workshop tasks contain materials from workshops, a new type of learning resource;
  • for each workshop, a moderator can be assigned to be responsible for the evaluation and communication of the task to the users;
  • the moderator can supervise the referencing of tasks, the process of independent work and help those who need it in time;
  • the moderator has access to the workshop reports;
  • the workshop can be used as a separate task, or as part of a program or course;
  • all workshop communication is in real time, with Email notifications and messengers.
  • the workshop results are the final marks for the task given by the moderator.

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