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Workshop statuses

Changing the status of the workshop task:

Not started - the user has not opened the task after the assignment. The status also remains if the curator has assigned a workshop to a user and then added comments for the same user.

Started - the task can only be moved to "started" from "not started", if the user has opened the task at least once, but has not performed any action there (no comments, no files sent)

Checking is awaited - the status for the task will change to "Checking is awaited" if the user opens the workshop and submits comments or files for checking.

In progress - The "In progress" status is given to tasks, once the user has started, in case the curator sends a comment back.

Completed - the workshop moves to 'completed' status if the curator gives the user a mark. The mark must be higher than the passing threshold specified in the task.

Failed - the workshop goes to 'failed' status if the curator gives the user a mark that is less than the passing threshold.

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