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Workshop notifications

Повідомлення для практикумів відправляються на емейл:

  • about new comments
  • about the workshop evaluation.

If the portal has Telegram integration (or with other messengers), a notification is also sent in Telegram to users who have connected a Telegram bot.


Notifications are sent to the users and curators assigned to the workshop.

Notifications for curator

Curators assigned to the task receive notifications by mail and instant messengers about new comments in the workshop from users. From Email, by clicking on the "Open task" button, the workshop verification page opens in the report for a specific user:

The Moderator can see all new comments from the assigned users in the Workshop Report. After viewing the correspondence on the selected user - the numbers are reset.

Notifications for user

Comment from curator

If the moderator leaves a comment in the workshop, the user receives an email notification. In the messages there is a link with the transition to the task.


Mark from curator

If the user receives a grade for a task from the curator, they receive a different type of notification. The notification is also sent to the email and messengers.
If the tutor sent a comment and a mark at the same time, the user is notified of the workshop mark, but with comments.


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