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Task-assessment assignment

Ways to assign Users to a task with an Assessment

After you have created an Assessment and added an assessment-task - you can move on to the next step: selecting the employees who will participate in the survey (who is being evaluated and who is being evaluated).

The Collaborator system has three Ways to assign Users to an assessment task:

  • Manually - The administrator manually adds the Questionnaire: selects who evaluates whom and in what role (self-esteem, manager, subordinate, colleague, employee)
  • Assessment by functional managers
  • Assessment by organizational structure - Administrator manually selects Users to evaluate, and Users who will evaluate (fill out the Questionnaire) are determined automatically by connections in Organizational structure.

The assignment method depends on which The questionnaire assignment mode was selected when creating an assessment task: manually, by functional managers or by organizational structure.

Assigning Users to a Task with an Assessment manually

To manually assign Users to a Task with an Assessment you need to:

  1. On the Task creating page, select the Manual questionnaire assignment mode setting and save the task.(Find more in Creating an assessment task )

  2. In the Task management - Tasks menu, click the View all subtasks on compliting questionnaires button next to the desired task.

  1. Then click Add questionnaire

  2. In the Adding a questionnaire to an assessment window specify:
    (1) - Who to evaluate - search for Users by Name
    (2) - Who will evaluate - search for Users by Name
    (3) - In what role - who is the User who is being interviewed (fills out the Questionnaire) for the one who is being evaluated: self-esteem, colleague, supervisor, subordinate, employee. To select a role from the drop-down list, click on the triangle (5).

To add more Users who will evaluate (fill out the Questionnaire) - press (4) button. To remove a User from the Questionnaire - click (6).

After clicking Save The questionnaire will appear for:

  • Users who will evaluate (fill out the Questionnaire) in the My tasks menu.
  • Administrator in the Learning - Tasks - View all subtasks on completing questionnaires.

Assignment of Task with an Assessment by organizational structure.

In order to assign Users to a Task with an Assessment by organizational structure you need to:

  1. On the Adding a task page, select the Assigning mode - Assessment by organizational structure setting and save the task.
    Also for the by organizational structure mode, additional settings of the Assessment collection method are available (Find more in Creating and editing an assessment task ):

  1. In the Tasks list (Learning - Tasks menu) click the Select users to be evaluated button

  1. Select the User that needs to be evaluated, and press the Assign button. You can use different filters and sorting in the table to quickly find Users.

Users who will evaluate (fill out the Questionnaire) are assigned automatically by connections in the organizational structure.

Connections in the Organizational Structure

The selection and assignment of respondents, i.e., those who will fill out the survey questionnaire, depends on the choice of the employee being evaluated and the assigned relationship of supervisor-colleague-subordinate in Organizational structure

Accordingly, after selecting who will be evaluated, the Collaborator will automatically create tasks to fill out the questionnaire for the manager, colleagues, subordinates and self-assessment for the employee themselves.

How the Organizational structure in Collaborator defines connections between employees and departments is shown on this example.

  • The Writers' Community Committee
    • Chukovsky Korney
    • Hemingway Ernest
    • The Fiction Department
    • Verne Jules
    • Weir Andy
    • Bradbury Ray
    • The Mystics Department
      • Bulgakov Mikhail
      • King Stephen
    • The Department of Satire and Humor
    • Vyshnia Ostap
    • Twain Mark
    • Gogol Nikolai
    • The Poetry Department
    • Whitman Walter
    • Shakespeare William

Each folder represents the division in which the User works.
The User who has a managerial position is in bold.

For the user Verne Jules:

  • supervisor - Chukovsky Korney;
  • colleagues - Vyshnia Ostap. Hemingway Ernest cannot be a colleague because he does not have a supervisory position;
  • subordinates - Bradbury Ray, Weir Andy, Bulgakov Mikhail.

For the user Hemingway Ernest:

  • supervisor - Chukovsky Korney;
  • colleagues none, since there are no other employees in this unit except for himself and the supervisor;
  • subordinates none.

For the user Chukovsky Kornei:

  • supervisor none;
  • colleagues none;
  • subordinates - Hemingway Ernest, Verne Jules, Vyshnia Ostap, Shakespeare William, Whitman Walter.

For the user Whitman Walter:

  • supervisor - Chukovsky Kornei;
  • colleagues - Shakespeare William. Employees with supervisory positions - Verne Jules, Vyshnia Ostap - cannot be his colleagues. Employee Hemingway Ernest also cannot be a colleague, because he works in another department;
  • subordinates none.

You can view and check the Questionnaire in the menu: Learning - Tasks - View all subtasks on completing questionnaires. Find more in Observing assessment process.

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