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Tasks Reminder

Task reminder - settings for sending automatic Email reminders about tasks to users. These are additional reminders that can be enabled or disabled in the task settings. Depending on the reminder settings, different types of Email will be sent to users:

  • Tasks - Remind about failed or expired tasksя
  • Tasks - Remind about expired tasks
  • Tasks - Deadline of tasks ends
  • Tasks - A list of tasks that require attention from your subordinates

You can turn on reminders for tasks in the Task management - Tasks menu.


In the window that opens, check the "Enable sending reminders" checkbox

Then you can move on to the reminder settings:

(1) - Send a timer every - setting the frequency of sending Email reminders. Here you must specify how many days to send a reminder (not less than one day) and set the time of sending

Template Reminder of failed tasks (Notices.Reminder.File) is used to send reminders.
Some peculiarities of sending reminders regarding task statuses:

Don't forget to complete the tasks:
-  not started (if the deadline has not passed)
-  started (if the deadline has not passed)
-  in progress (with respect to the setting of "not accessed the task for more than __ days")) 
-  checking is awaited (tasks are not sent)

It was also noticed that you did not succeed in some of your assignments. Please retake them. The list below.

- Failed (if the deadline has not passed)

(2) - Send reminder if the user was not opening the task for more than - Reminders for tasks with the "In progress" status will be sent to the general list in Email. Here you can specify the number of days after which a reminder will be sent to the user. Reporting days starts from the last time the task was accessed. Number of days cannot be less than 5.

(3) - Send managers lists of their subordinates' tasks - for all managers will be sent lists of subordinates that failed or failed their tasks. Managers and subordinates are determined by the Organizational Structure.

If the subordinates' task is in progress status, then only the mailing works according to the logic of "Send reminder if the user was not opening the task for more than N days", and if another status other than done, then it comes "Tasks that require attention:".

(4) - Send only for time-limited tasks - send reminders only for time-limited tasks

(5) - Включать ограничения на отправку напоминаний о просроченных заданиях.
Выбрав данный пункт вы сможете выставить количество дней, по истечению которых не будет отправляться напоминание о просроченных заданиях. Отчет начинаеться после завершения срока прохождения задания. Минимальное значение 1 день.

(6) - The system administrator can send a test email to check how the reminders work by pressing the Check button. To the Email that is specified in the profile will be sent messages with a list of not successfully passed and not started tasks of the administrator.

Example of a sent letter:
First, the list of unaccomplished tasks is listed. Then the list of unsuccessfully completed tasks.
If the task has a time limit, the date of the task completion will be indicated
Also the number of available attempts for the task can be specified, if the task has a limit on the number of attempts.


(7) - Remind tasks that will expire in - additional reminder for tasks with deadlines (for calendar and relative periods)
(8) - system administrator can send a test email to check how the reminders work by pressing the Check button. Email will be sent with a list of tasks of the administrator, the period of which will expire in N days.

Example of a sent letter:

X2.jpg #


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