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Integration with Active Directory

When setting up AD integration for the first time, we recommend that you disable the "Users - User was added after import" and "Users - User information was updated after import" email templates to avoid unwanted emails.

Required fields:

Domain Controllers -IP or domain of the AD server
Base DN - AD basic DN in the format “ou=MainOU,dc=domain,dc=com”
Admin Username - іuser name for authorization in AD
Admin Password - user password for authorization in AD

Optional fields:

Use egress traffic proxy - Read more
Member of - optional filter by group for automatic import of users, the format is the same as for "Base DN"
Auth By - Field in Collaborator that will be used to search for users for authorization. Possible values.: login, email. Default value: login.
Find By - The field in AD where the user will be searched if he or she is not in Collaborator. Default value: samaccountname
Append base dn - prefix for the user's login before authenticating to AD. For example, if a user tries to log in with my-login, and the Append base dn parameter is set to domain.com, Collaborator will try to authenticate to AD using [email protected]
SSL - the option is required when the server requires SSL.
Filter by object type - specify a general filter to filter out service accounts and select only active AD users.
Filter - selects the users you want, for example, all users who have an email - domain.com.
Setting fields - Configuration for comparing fields from AD to the system, default values (on the left fields in LMS, on the right fields in AD). By default, the required fields are: secondname, firstname, login, email. Other fields can be added as needed.

Automatic synchronization

  1. Automatically sync users - яif the option is enabled, you need to specify the time when synchronization will take place daily.
  2. Automatically sync organizational structure - яif the option is enabled, you need to specify the time when synchronization will take place daily. (More details about importing an organizational structure are described in the article - Importing structure from Active Directory.

There are 2 options for synchronizing the organizational structure:

  • Subordination
  • Field
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