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Integration with Telegram

To set up sending messages from the portal to Telegram, users need to create and connect a Telegram bot.

Setting up the integration of the portal with the Telegram-bot

Just enter the API token of your bot on the appropriate page of the integration setup:

After the bot is connected to the portal, users will be able to connect it to their profile Security and notifications menu sending messages to your Telegram.

A brief instruction for creating a Telegram bot

There is a special bot for creating a new bot in Telegram — @BotFather.

Write /start and get a list of all bot commands.
First and foremost - /newbot - send this command and @BotFather asks for the name of our new bot. The only restriction on the name - it must end in "bot". If successful, BotFather returns the bot's token and a link for adding the bot to contacts quickly.

After the bot is created, it is necessary to copy the API token for integration:

This is enough for integration. But the bot can also be assigned an avatar, a description and a greeting message.

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