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Integration with HRM

Integration with HRM systems — HURMA and People Force. To set up the integration, you need to provide the API access key.

The integration will automatically create users in Collaborator, update their data when they change in the HR system and block them when they leave.

In addition, you can receive additional information about employees in Collaborator - the number of days worked, vacations and other data that are updated in the HRM system.

In the HRM systems themselves, the developers of HURMA and People Force are preparing for the release of task management functions in Collaborator. It will also be possible to supplement employee data in HRM with their learning outcomes, training ratings, badges and certificates from LMS Collaborator.

For setting up, you need to select the required HRM system (HURMA or People Force) from the list, specify the client and API token.
You can set the time for automatic daily synchronization.

You can specify the fields that should or not be transferred during synchronization. To delete the field click the trash icon. To add field click Add field at the bottom left corner.

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