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Egress proxy

Proxy server is a server (computer system or program) in computer networks that allows clients to make indirect (through a proxy server) requests to network services. The client first connects to the proxy server and requests some resource (e.g. e-mail) located on another server. The proxy server then connects to the specified server and retrieves the resource from it.

Typically, the traffic exchange in the cluster takes place as follows:

The Client network here are the servers in the client network, e.g. AD, HRM system, webinars, etc.
In this case, the request to the client's network comes from the IP of one of our servers (the IP depends on which server handles the request). If the client needs to restrict access to its network, it adds a list of our servers to the whitelist.
The problem is that the number of servers and their IPs change periodically. That's why we added option "Use egress traffic proxy", in this case traffic exchange in cluster will proceed as follows:

The proxy server ID changes very rarely, it is easier to control.

The option can be included in the integration settings:

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